is school a scam

is school a scamFrom my observation of the conversation of many Nigerian students and ex-students alike this statements often comes up “school is a scam” or as they actually say it “school na scam”. To be sincere, I have used that statement a couple of times too. A popular Nigerian musician recently even sang a song claiming school is a scam.

Most students students come outside of the university system after 4 to 7 years of stress  and do not find jobs considering the atmosphere of the Nigerian economy. This has brought about the trend where majority of graduates do not go into careers that relate to their course of study whatsoever. We have seen several scenarios find a student of medicine and surgery end up becoming an actor; a student of Law becoming a rapper or an engineering student who becomes a photographer or digital marketer.

The university system of this generation teaches knowledge based on established, critically acclaimed and old research. This knowledge of theories and laws is good knowledge because one must know the past in order for one to live  in the present and help one project and plan for the future. Unfortunately, not enough “up to date knowledge”(especially skill based knowledge) is passed down to students concerning their survival in the current  economical arena. This form of education limits the creativity of youths (who have the most energy among the age grades) who study courses that have little application or job opportunities only in the Education industry or academia.

Only few businesses or educational platforms like edX, Udemy, and so on, offer actual knowledge as it relates to recent industry application.

In a generation where Skilled personnel are more valued, recently, than some university or college graduates.

Is it possible that formal education is losing its touch?

I can’t really say, but as a skill advocate I can say that more businesses are looking for more skilled personnel and less unskilled graduates. Companies nowadays are aware that knowledge can easily be accessed online but skill takes time to acquire.

So my advice that with your whatever you are studying or not studying, LEARN A SKILL BE THE BEST AT IT AND YOU WILL SEAT WITH KINGS AND BE A SILVER LINING IN NIGERIA.



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