About us

About Us

African hydra is a youth led social enterprise run by Africans based in Nigeria, laser focused on sensitizing, promoting and empowering children and youths through Technical and Vocational Education (TVET).

 We have grown just like any new born child would. Slowly and gradually we struggled to: open our eyes to let light in, sit to observe, crawl to move and now we are ready to explore the world.

On the 1st of January, 2018 – the founding members came together to see how they could motivate youths in Africa to change the world.

We saw Africa where every young person had a skill and followed his passion; actualizing purpose. An Africa where youths led in every area and were self-dependent, entrepreneurial and/or creative. They produced instead of just consuming and the economy kept booming. They were solutionoriented and never depended on the government.

This led to a reformation and a commitment “to be laser focused on leveraging on both Technical and Vocational Skills as a means to lead the revolution that will transform Africa”. This has led to projects like #Iseowo and #Veta‘ which are set to empower both children and youths with the right set of skills to be happier, purpose driven leaders.