My name is Samson Okeniyi (Oloye). I’m a Skill Advocate, Photographer and Digital Marketer.

My colleague Diran promised that we wouldn’t make this journey on the path of skill a boring one. So here’s a poem on SKILLS to stimulate our minds.


Finally, he became a King.

But first,

he was determined.

He had a zeal to learn, to gain an ability.

To strengthen a part if his body.


He learnt amongst commoners.

The best of the worst.

He served as an OMO ISE,

Suffered from his masters “wahala”

He then understood the worth of value.

Never took anything, anyone for granted.


He became a creator of Value, the work of his hands,

just as his master thought him.

Though He a common man,

He sat before kings.

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